Hello Friend Monster


Hello Friend Monster is a new story written with the children of Westborough School. It was a normal day in the life of Future-Robot-Mark-One, who had been designed as a girl robot but liked to call herself Mark Robot. She was sent so fast that the speed of her journey broke time. She was sent from the future into the past.

Will you join her on her mission at Chalkwell Park?

ARTISTS: Vahni Capildeo (writer), Claire Softley (illustrator) with the children of Westborough School

HOW TO: This is a story app best experienced with headphones with a GPS ‘Play in the Park’ mode or as a ‘Play at Home’ mode. Make sure to switch your GPS on in the park. Use the bespoke maps in the app to find the story zones. You can read as a text based experience by scrolling up on each page, or listen as audio

NOTES: This project requires iPad 2 or higher and does not work on iPhone or Android.

Many of the apps use GPS on your phone, make sure that GPS is switched on.

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