The Spoken Word Tours


Welcome to Chalkwell Park’s ‘Spoken Word Tours’ – three new pieces of work created and curated by Mark Grist and MC Mixy.

ARTISTS: Mark Grist & DJ Mixy

Since 2009 Mixy has also put out a selection of recorded projects, mixtapes, EPs and albums, showing his versatility to work with a range of artists and on many styles of rap beats, live music and even classical music. Since 2010 Mixy has been travelling around providing writing and performance worshops based around rap and poetry to schools, colleges, universities and referral units across the country, as well as playing gigs and hosting events. In 2012 Mixy had a storming run at Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his first solo spoken word show ‘Content’ which gained him much praise and a range of glowing reviews
Makes Mike Skinner of The Streets look decidedly average. A rare talent with an almost supernatural sense of flow. Major-label A&R people: you’re welcome
The Scotsman
Not to be missed, Content is an hour spent in great company filled with interesting stories and intricate spoken word. Great lyrics and poetry performed by an engaging, affable bloke.
Fresh Fringe review
His passion is obvious and his ability to construct rhymes that convey heartfelt stories, is not only impressive, but masterful in execution. Mixy has the personality and ability to connect with an audience and present his own unique interpretation of his life.
Flaneur Arts Edinburgh festival review
You’ll be introduced, laugh, flirt, share intimate moments and stories, fall head over heels, feel the pang of lost love and heartbreak. A journey through the mind of an intelligent, creative MC that slipped through the cracks, turning negatives into positives and expressing himself how he does best.
Edinburgh fringe bucket list
Mark Grist is a Peterborough based writer, performer and teacher with a growing global audience for his popular short films on YouTube. Mark initially grabbed the spotlight in 2012 when a video of him battling teenage grime artist MC Blizzard went viral. The video has since notched up 4m hits on YouTube, making it the most viewed UK rap battle of all time. Mark has continued to battle a range of MCs from both the UK and overseas, and is currently developing a feature film based upon his experiences with Shine Media and Film4. In 2013 Mark created a Spoken Word video in partnership with Guy Larsen and The Roundhouse in London called Girl Who Reads. The response to the project was unprecedented, with the video gaining over a million views in its first 48 hours. It hit the front pages of Reddit, Buzzfeed, YouTube UK, Huffington Post and UpWorthy. Mark has performed on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, BBC2, ITV and BBC3 and taken shows to Denmark, New York and Singapore. He starred in Channel 4’s Mr Drew’s School for Boys, where he developed a range of strategies to engage boys in literacy and has just released his debut collection ‘Rogue Teacher’ with Burning Eye Books.

HOW TO: This app contains three Spoken Word tours, designed to give you a personalised and very different experience of Chalkwell Park.

Fancy listening to a hip-hop love story that plays out over 25 years all around you? Or how about taking the ‘What said that?’ tour and see if you can solve our poetry riddles? Perhaps you’d rather see how the park has inspired local primary school pupils to write their own poems? Whichever tour you go for you can be sure of a unique and engaging walk through the grounds of Chalkwell Park. If you are not able to visit the park then select the armchair mode to listen to the works.
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The ‘Young Voices Poetry’ is by Leigh North Street Junior School. Make sure to switch your GPS on in the park.

NOTES: This project requires iPhone 5 or higher.

Many of the apps use GPS on your phone, make sure that GPS is switched on. On iPhone or iPad go to SETTINGS > PRIVACY > LOCATION SERVICES > ON