The Oneironaut


We spend 11% of our existence dreaming, a full month of each year, that’s more time than we spend eating. While the body lies still the mind wanders, free of limitations of time and space. This story poses the possibility that a conscious dreaming mind could share other people’s real waking experiences.

The Oneironaut, a dream traveller, reawakens perpetually into a dream. Confusing memories and reality, he tries to use dream logic to return to his sleeping body. As he occupies your consciousness, he guides you through the park and through to his realisation of the somber truth.

ARTIST: Joel Cahen

Based in London and with a background in sound design and music for stage and screen productions as well as new media, Joel’s current interests interrogate the affect of sound in various spaces (physical, cultural and the body). Since 2008, he has been performing worldwide with Wet Sounds, an underwater concert project that sonifies both wet and dry areas of the swimming pools; Scrap Club, the public Destructivist activity; Cacophony, multichannel installations at libraries; Soundsoup, weekly live abstract mash ups on Resonance 104.4fm London; and productions for Interzone Theatre, audio based augmented reality theatre in public spaces of the city. He has co-founded the England registered charity Liquid Vibrations with Adele Drake (Founder of Drake Music) and started underwater listening sessions for children with special needs at Special Schools in the UK. His work has been presented at ISEA, AV Festival, ATP, Helsinki Festival, The Royal Neurological Hospital, and various symposia, music and art festivals worldwide.

HOW TO: This is a sound app best experienced with headphones with a GPS ‘Play in the Park’ mode. Make sure to switch your GPS on in the park.Go to SETTINGS > MORE > LOCATION > ON

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