Running to Flight

running-to-flight Running to Flight is a GPS-located artwork by Rosie Poebright. Sound design is by Duncan Speakman and additional programming by Tarim.

ARTIST: Rosie Poebright

Rosie is a digital artist, an experience architect and real-world game designer. Her work is guided by a simple mission: to make beautiful, genuinely moving experiences that put the participants at the centre of the action. To do this she uses a powerful mix of tools – most importantly theatre, gaming, and digital technology. As Co-Founder and Creative Director of playful experience agency Splash & Ripple she works across live events (multi-location theatrical street games), downloadable storygames and long term installed adventures in museums and heritage sites. Rosie has designed digital artworks, playful happenings and real world games for 8 years. She’s made award winning theatrical street games for Hide & Seek and Igfest in the UK, and learned the fundamentals of visceral storytelling working as writer and director for Slingshot for their citywide zombie chase game 2.8 hours later. Rosie is currently a resident artist at the Pervasive Media Studio at the Watershed in Bristol UK where she is an alumnus of the REACT heritage sandbox programme. In 2014 she was an artist in the British Council’s international Playable City programme, and in 2015 a participant in future-storytelling lab Forward/Story in Costa Rica.


Running to Flight is currently only available to be viewed during our NetPark tours with free iPads hire, contact us on for more details.